MLK on examining Trump’s platforms for minorities

Donald Trump’s country club was was the first in Miami to accept African Americans and Jews. I hear Democrats talking a lot about how Donald Trump’s father was discriminating against African Americans in the 60s and 70s, but I don’t hear them talking about how during that same time period it was the Democrats who were burning crosses and lynching black people. This movement isn’t about hate. It’s about making America Great Again.

Once upon a time, black communities had black businesses and black professionals who served their communities. The reason you don’t see this so much these days has as much to do with the death of small business due to globalism as much as it does with welfare state policies that punish all poor people who try to better their life and succeed.

Racism isn’t the issue. Americans are a lot more accepting of each other today than decades ago, yet black communities are doing worse than ever before.

Maybe the problem is . . . Democrats?

When Hillary says Trump is a racist, we immediately know he is not.