Donald Trump Delivers Historic Speech in Gettysburg, PA 10/22/16

After Trump is elected and a legitimate FBI director is installed, Hillary must be arrested, convicted, and imprisoned.

Saturday, October 22, 2016: Donald J. Trump spoke in Gettysburg, PA at The Eisenhower Complex.

LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Delivers Remarks in Gettysburg, PA 10/22/16

This was one of Trumps most EPIC speeches.

A list of topics Trump talked about:

  1. Breaking up the Corporate Monopolies like Comcast, AT&T, Time Warner, CNN, & Amazon that hurt emerging local small businesses and competition
  2. Exposing Hillary’s corruption like the emails & her violent protesters.
  3. Exposing the corrupt corporate media.
  4. Exposing the lying sexual harassment accusers by taking them to court.
  5. His plan for religious freedom.
  6. Exposing the Rigged Voting system
  7. Ending corruption in Washington DC by having term limits on congress & banning lobbyists. 8. Releasing the energy engine of the U.S..
  8. Rebuilding the infrastructure of the U.S. with money that would otherwise be wasted on U.N. climate change.
  9. Ending federal funding of sanctuary cities.
  10. Deporting all illegal immigrant with a criminal history.
  11. Deporting all the drug lords.
  12. Massive tax reduction & simplification.
  13. School Choice.
  14. Repealing & replacing Obamacare.
  15. Jobs for American citizens first.