Gospel of the Deplorables

And Trump spoke out unto his people declaring:

“You shall be once again proud of your nation

For we shall turn the tides of fate once more towards the direction of victory

Yea, we shall be victorous!

In all things, our people shall see victory!

Yea, we shall be victorous with trade!

Yea, we shall once again line our people’s pockets with silver!

Yea, we shall be victorious with our military!

Yea, we shall care for those who have fought for our nation in distant lands!

Yea, we shall be victorious in all things!

My brothers, we shall be so victorous perchance ye may groweth weary with victory

And mightest ye cry out: ‘Please, Mr President, we beseech thee!

Our people are overwhelmed with victory.

We grow weary, Mr. President, for the burden of victory grows heavy!’

And I shall declare, ‘Nay, mine brethren!’

We must be victorious!

We shall bask in the glory of victory!

Our people must be more victorious!

We shall indeed bring more victory to our nation!
II Deplorables 6:1-19