21 CNN Fakes News Sources

  1. Interview with fake protestor, who is really John Grkovic, a CNN cameraman.
  2. CNN calling everyone else fake news vs. CNN saying ‘fake news’ is like the n-word
  3. CNN’s Chris Cuomo says generally ridiculous things
  4. CNN uses Fallout 4 screencap for “hacking” footage
  5. CNN fakes satellite interview – reporters are really in the same parking lot
  6. CNN called out by Nancy Sinatra for making false claims
  7. CNN’s use of the word “rally”
  8. CNN audience member seen with paper saying “Your Question”
  9. CNN article headline ≠ article substance
  10. CNN’s Chris Cuomo says its illegal to read wikileaks
  11. CNN reports on Trump eating KFC with fork, as poisonous gas attack scrolls by in small text
  12. CNN refers to terrorist attack at German Christmas market as a “truck crash”
  13. The election can’t be hacked vs. Where’s the outrage about hacking?
  14. CNN reuses photo from Cincinnati anti-Trump rally for a rally in Philadelphia
  15. CNN falsely reports that FLOTUS was not meeting with Akie Abe during Japan visit
  16. CNN’s Pam Brown caught coaching focus group after Presidential debate
  17. CNN’s Donna Brazile gets debate questions in advance
  18. CNN’s Chris Cuomo says 12 year old girls should be more ‘tolerant’ of seeing boys’ penises
  19. CNN’s Abby Phillip caught misrepresenting Hillary’s crowd sizes
  20. CNN headline implies (falsely) that Trump’s Executive Order was responsible for man’s death
  21. CNN falsely says illegal immigration is not necessarily a crime – 8 U.S. Code § 1325 begs to differ