More Fake News

CNN caught telling focus group what to say live on air after Debates

CNN cuts congressman’s feed when he brings up WikiLeaks

CNN employee and now DNC’s Donna Brazille provided debate questions to Hillary Clinton prior to debate

CNN says it’s ILLEGAL for you to read the Wikileaks/Hillary Clinton emails

Podesta emails: CNNs Wolf Blitzer gets his questions for Trump directly from the DNC

and the most disgusting for last: CNN guest calls Assange a pedophile without any evidence or challenge from the host

More examples of egregious media collusion from the Podesta emails

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg to Podesta: “and I still want HRC to win badly. I am still here to help as I can.”

“I spoke w Arianna… She is enthusiastic abt the project but asks if she’s more useful to us not being on the Board… instead, using Huffpo to echo our message without any perceived conflicts.” – DNC discussing Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington

“What should I ask Jeb?” – NBC and New York Times contributor John Harwood asking Podesta how to conduct interview

“Trump questions for CNN… Wolf Blitzer is interviewing Trump…” – CNNs Wolf Blitzer gets his questions for Trump directly from the DNC

“I know how the game is played and I know how the fix was in…. because I helped fix games” – Brent Budowsky, former senior congressional staff member

Bonus collusion

Department of Justice quietly dropped charges against arms dealer Marc Turi prior to accusing the FBI of election interference for reopening Clinton email case. Turi had claimed to have evidence Clinton was embroiled in the arms deal and threatened to reveal it. Assistant Attorney General of the DOJ, Peter Kadzik was revealed to be close personal friends with Podesta in the emails.

More examples of media corruption

DNC and Podesta emails: Compilation of emails outlining the DNC-MSM collusion as well as the DNC plot to subvert the Sanders campaign (from /r/DNCleaks)

Also checkout the Top 100 Most Damaging DNC, Clinton and Podesta WikiLeaks emails for a more comprehensive overview of the email revelations.

Help find more examples of very fake news CNN producing fake news by helping sort through the 119 hours of secretly recorded audio from within CNN published recently by James O’keefe and Project Veritas!

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