Obama’s Illegal Slush Fund

Wall Street Journal in 2015 : Justice’s Liberal Slush Fund Legal settlements are being used to funnel millions to left-wing activists like La Raza – Archived link

Washington Post by George Will from 2016 : The Justice Department’s bank settlement slush fund

Gateway Pundit : GOP Looking To Eliminate Shadowy DOJ Slush Fund That Paid for Activities by Violent Far Left Groups

Fox News : GOP wants to eliminate shadowy DOJ slush fund bankrolling leftist groups

Source of Listed Image : Obama Screwed as Secret fund found active, sent Billions before discovery

Americas Freedom Fighters : BREAKING: Obama’s SECRET SLUSH FUND DISCOVERED- What He Did With It Is TERRIFYING

Fox News : Huckabee Rails Against DOJ ‘Slush Fund’: ‘Worse Than a Mafia Shakedown’

Daily Wire : Report: Obama Admin Funneled Billions Into Left-Wing Activist Groups

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Investors Business Daily : Holder Cut Left-Wing Groups In On $17 Bil BofA Deal

Congress of the United States : Senator Ted Cruz unclassified document about OneVoice being used to influence foreign elections